Sometimes a person expresses his emotions through various means, one of which is listening to songs. Songs can sometimes be a form of outlet for someone’s confusion.

Some songs with the theme of confusion even often become the best-selling among other songs. Many international musicians are known for their songs that always have a sad theme.

1. Olivia Rodrigo


Olivia Rodrigo has created a lot of trouble-themed songs. Most of the songs he wrote based on his own experience.

Sour album for example, the album was released in January 2021. Tells about love and heartbreak. Pop genre, folk and a little country.

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is famous for her upsetting songs. His famous albums are Folklore and Evermore.

Taylor Swift also surprised her fans by remake her song All Too Well which is 10 minutes long, along with the album RED from 2012. Taylor’s songs on this album mostly tell about love stories in their 20s, joys and heartbreaks in their 20s.

3. Lewis Capaldi

Lewis Capaldi is famous for his song, Someone You Loved. His album Devinely Unishpired to a Hellish Extent is about someone who hasn’t gotten over their ex.

As well as telling about loneliness, longing for someone you love, someone you love has died by suicide.

4. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish’s song Lovely is a famous upset song from her. This song is about feelings of hopelessness and the desire to get out of misery.

Then there is also the song, entitled Happier Than Ever, which is about someone who feels happier when they are away from their ex. Billie also released an album entitled Happier Than Ever which tells about love life, aging, how to reflect on yourself from every change and sexual harassment.

5. Adele

Well, this one musician is very famous for his troubled songs. Yup, the majority of Adele’s songs are songs with an uptight atmosphere.

Adele released her latest album titled 30 as well as her newest song Easy On Me. Adele tells of her life after divorce from her husband.